Madeline and Victor's Ghent, Norfolk Wedding at the Norfolk Women's Club and The Green Onion

Maddie and Victor had a wonderfully low key, deeply personal wedding with the ceremony at the gorgeously renovated Norfolk Women's Club (that woodwork-gah!) and the reception following at one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants, the Green Onion. I love a restaurant reception, they have so much character and something about intimate weddings resonates beautifully in photographs. This wedding plucked my heartstrings because  a)Maddie and Victor are so darling and lovely and b) it took place in my neighborhood, which was a treat. I've shot a lot of beautiful shoes and gowns lately, and Maddie's Betsey Johnsons were covered with glitter (pretty passionate about glitter over here) and her gorgeous gown had an Edwardian flair I fell hard for. I loved photographing Maddie and Victor as they were so relaxed and in-the-moment. Enjoy the photos from this non-traditional, poetic Virginia Wedding!